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Wild about Monamolin

Our products are made from naturally wild, home grown or locally sourced core ingredients.  

We champion the use of Wild and locally grown for the integrity it gives to our food, in simple taste, in consumer appeal and in contribution to our local economy.

Wild about Monamolin

“Consumers show an increasingly positive perception of locally produced food with more consumers wanting to know the source of their food.  For many consumers, local foods offer stability and reassurance while also providing a sense of helping the economy.”

- Board Bia’s 2010 Periscope Study
8 European Countries

Wild about berries


The Wild about product range is seasonally driven.

When the harvest is ready, its picked, prepared, processed and stocked.  Going from ground to pot to shelf in a matter of hours.  

When the stock is gone the product is gone until the next season.

Wild about cucumber
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries


Our market research showed consumers are often surprised by the quality of the flavours in our products.  How do we pack in such flavour?

Well, we don’t buy in intensively farmed produce from abroad.  We grow simply using permaculture techniques. We don’t use chemicals, artificial pesticides or fertilizers. We don’t reduce the oxygen and increase the carbon dioxide when growing, and we don’t use 1-methylcyclopropane on our harvest to extend shelf life. Our ingredients are picked fresh, prepared and processed in the same day.  

Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries
Wild about berries

"Agronomy and gastronomy share a close bond; our choices regarding one influence the quality of the other. . .  the support of the organisation of production, sustainability, quality and the promotion of agricultural products. These are the keys to growth and the jobs of tomorrow"

Dacian Cioloş
European Union’s Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development,

Wild about berries
Wild about berries
WILD About “The modern use of ‘green’ to identify concern for the natural environment has, for some time, been recognised as representing a natural marketing opportunity for Irish agri-food to build on.”

Ireland is viewed internationally as one of the cleanest, greenest most fertile lands on the planet.  This is our most valuable asset.

"…high value-added parts of the food industry depend on Ireland’s ‘green image’ for competitive advantage"

Ireland’s Smart Economy

operates a carbon neutral business. Our core ingredients have no air-miles,  are grown and sourced locally .  Our packaging is eco friendly and sourced from ethical and sustainable source.

We have a schedule of planting of native Irish and permaculture fruiting hedging, providing  assured wild stocks for Wild about but also preserving a vibrant natural habitat for local wildlife.


Our business is based in the small rural predominantly agricultural community of Monamolin Co. Wexford.  Designated a structurally weak rural area in the  County Development Plan, we’re actually a very vibrant, pro-active and cohesive community.  

We have strong support of our community and have begun to develop relationships with local small producers where we can work co-operatively and cross promote our products.  

"Locally traded business . . .are crucial to the enhancement of Ireland’s overall competitiveness and growth "                                    

John Perry TD
Minister for Small Business

Without prosperous local economies,
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