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Sloe berries from the native Irish Blackthorn are the ancestor of all cultivated plums, our versatile SO SLOE preserve is an ideal accompaniment for a cheese board, particularly good with Stilton and blue vein cheeses.  Delicious as an accompaniment to lamb, venison and most game meats.    
Ingredients: apples, sloes, sugar, water


Rowanberries are from the native fruits of the Rowan tree or Mountainash.  Their natural tartness is a great accompanyment to Venison and game meats.  Particularly delicious with roast lamb.   
Ingredients: apples, rowanberries, lemonjuice, sugar, water


Wild damsons, lime, chilli and ginger  combine into a distinctive fruity, zesty chutney with delicious background heat.  Simply incredible with game meats, spectacular in a curry, great on a cheeseboard and out of this world with Mackerel or baked Sea Bass.  Once you try it, there'll never be another . .
Ingredients:  wild damsons, vinegar, onions, sugar, limes, ginger, chilli, corriander, black pepper and cinnamon


More of our own cayenne chillis kicking heat into this raspberry and apple jelly.  Try with chicken, ham or pork; great with cheese or on toast with poached egg on top!  Add a dollup to stir frys or warm and use as glaze.
Ingredients: apples, sugar, raspberry vinegar, cayenne chillies


Guinness and spices combine with the natural sweetness of seasonal root vegetables to make this devilishly robust pub style chutney.  Delicious with roast beef, burgers and steaks; tantalizing with a strong cheddar and a pint! or use as a marinade for chicken or chops.
Ingredients: Guinness,  onions,sugar, vinegar, swede, apple, carrot, cauliflour, date, tomato puree, garlic, mustard, ginger, mace, salt, pepper


Delicious savoury Raspberry, sweet Pepper and Chilli Chutney. Delicious with crispy duck, pate, with spring rolls.  Try on a burger, with Turkey, or with Mackerel, , particularly good with soft cheese, goats cheese in particular. . . Raspberry Beret, a chutney fit for a Prince!!
Ingredients:  Raspberries, onions, vinegar, sugar, sweet peppers, sultanas, chilli, salt


A classic cider apple butter flavoured with our own fennel seeds.  Try with chorizo, gammon, ham, any sort of cured meat.  Great on a cheeseboard. Try as a glaze for roast pork, or with sausages.  Try with black pudding or scallops.  Can also be used in pastries. . see recipes for details
Ingredients: Apples, cider, water, sugar, fennel


This delicious and most versatile of relish combines dark rich beetroot and hot ginger.  Perfect for a sandwich, wrap or salad.   Spectacular with beef, steak, on a burger; particularly good in a chilli; delicious with game meats, particularly venison; great on the side with fish or try with cold meats and cheese.  
Ingredients: Beetroot (48%)red onion, vinegar, sugar, fresh root ginger, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper


Delicious caramelized onions and tangy blackcurrant jelly combine to make this superb rich marmalade that's a real all rounder. Try with sausage & mash, on a burger, in a salad, on a sandwich, great with cold meats and cheeses.  Spectacular with Goats cheese. A one stop shop for the summer BBQ.
Ingredients: Red onions (74%)vinegar, sugar, blackcurrant jelly, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper


Carrot, Orange and fennel seeds combine in this refreshing zingy relish and at just 22cal per 20g serving Crackin Carrot can make any heart sing.   Great on a salad, in a sandwich, with popadoms and a curry. Try it on the side with fish, . . simply spectacular with a strong chedder cheese.
Ingredients: Carrot (74%), vinegar,sugar,orange juice, fennel seeds


A classic Wexford fruity chutney, delicious with cheese and cold meats. Try add a spoonful to casseroles,stews,soups and curries for extra depth.  UP the Yellowbellies !   
Ingredients:Marrow,tomato,vinegar,sugar,onions,apples,sultana,root ginger,chilli flakes,peppercorns,corriander seeds,cloves,salt


We use our own cayenne chillis to heat up this delicious, hot, sweet and sticky jelly with a hint of mint!  Great to liven up cold meats and cheeses; Throw a spoonful in a stir fry or a thai curry; amazing glaze for BBQs, particularly lamb and fish, try with poached salmon or a final glaze for roast lamb, chicken or chops.
Ingredients: Apples, sugar, cayenne chillies, fresh mint.


A delicious seasonal chutney with an Indian twist. Superb with chicken or fish, in a sandwich, wrap or a salad. Try with cheese or cold meat platterss.  Add a spoonful to natural yoghurt as a dip or add a dollup to soups, stews or curries for an spectacular depth of flavour.
Ingredients: baby courgettes,onions,vinegar,sugarsunflower oil,garlic,chilli,mustard seeds,root ginger,corriander seeds,ground cumin,tumeric and salt.


Parsnips, considered a luxury for the Aristocracy in Anciant Rome!  Sweet parsnip, spiced with fresh root ginger,cayenne chilli and zing of lime, Paddy O'Parsnip certainly packs a punch! Spectacular with Roast Beef, cold meats and cheeses.  Use as a Horseradish
Ingredients:  Parsnip (74%), vinegar, sugar, olive oil, root ginger, chillli, lime juice.


Zingy-ting-tastic Reckless Rhubarb is back and its better than ever ! Rhubarb spiced with orange, ginger and cardamon, is simply delicious with Mackerel; sublime with goats cheese but try it with blue cheese . . . OMG! ; amazing in a bacon sandwich and simply unbelieveable in a curry. Savoury or sweet, Reckless Rhubarb is hard to beat !
Ingredients: Rhubarb (56%) sugar, sultanas, vinegar, orange, ginger, cardamon


Delicious ripe juicy pear, fresh root ginger and sticky madagascan vanilla combine to tantalize the tastebuds in the unique savoury preserve.  Perfect for cheese boards, cold meat platters.   Simply delciious with a curry or simply try on toast.  
Ingredients:pear (65%) suger, fresh root ginger, madagascan vanilla, lemon

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