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SAUCY HAWS adult katchup !
Haw berries from the native Irish Hawthorn tree have recently shoen in scientific trial to dramatically reduce cholesterol.  Saucy Haws is a delicious rich sauce made directly from the haw berry.  Great with cold meats, particularly ham, ideal on top of a burger or served with game meats.  Great drizzled over a grilled cheese sandwich.

haw berries, binegar, water, sugar, salt and pepper


Delicious young sweet mint dressed in a delicious zingy vinegar makes this an early season favourite. Great, obviously with lamb, but equally try with other cold meats and in fresh pasta disches, really good accompanyment to any BBQ.

Fresh Mint, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper.


Sweet golden polen tomatoes and deep rich red centiflor tomatoes, slow oven dried and infused in a celicious extra virgin olive oil.  Perfect for a smorgebord, salad or pasta dish.
The tomato infused oil can also be used to male a delicious salad dressing or used wover fresh cooked pasta.

Try with spaghetti, tuna and black olives

tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar.


Pickled nasturtium seeds have a hot peppery flavour siilar to the taste of true capers.  These plant pods are great scattered on a salad, over smoked salmon and h'ors d'oeuvres.

To make THE BEST TARTAR sauce, simply mix 1tbs of nasturtium capers, 1 tbs chopped parsley to 100ml mayonnaise, add 2-3 chipped spring onions and a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper to taste. . YUMMIE!.

nasturtium seed pods, vinegar, water, salt and pepper

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